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Future Financial Wealth Management group has selected Charles Schwab as our preferred partner as custodian for our clients. For over 35 years Schwab has been working with independent investment advisors and providing custody for their client assets. Schwab brings a client focused approach that includes a broad range of investment solutions, no asset minimums or custodial fees, cutting edge technology, and the highest of security standards in the industry.   You, Future Financial Wealth Management Group and Schwab = a winning relationship.

35 years of experience

8million + accounts

The peace of mind you deserve.

When you choose to work with Future Financial and Schwab, you can rest assured we follow stringent internal practices and business standards designed to help keep your assets safe.
These include:

  • The Schwab Security Guarantee

  • SIPC coverage for assets custodied with Charles Schwab & Co., inc.

  • Additional Lloyd’s of London insurance coverage

Nearly 15,000 investment advisors served

Over $9 trillion Schwab total client assets

Lock arms with long-term financial health.

We strive to remain a strong financial resource through business practices that emphasize:

  • Prudent Expense Management:
    We keep a close eye on operational expenses to cautiously manage our company. In a challenging market environment, we make quarterly adjustments to expenses as needed.

  • Diversified Revenue Mix:
    By focusing on fee-related services and balance-related incomes rather than on trading commissions, we strive to stabilize our revenues during fluctuating market conditions.

Additional account features available for Schwab clients:

  • Schwab BillPay
    • Schwab BillPay is an electronic bill payment service available to Schwab One® account holders. BillPay allows clients to electronically receive bills and initiate payments to nearly anyone in the U.S. to whom they would write a check.

  • Schwab One Visa Platinum Debit Card
    • The Schwab One Visa Platinum Debit Card has no annual fee and is available only to Schwab One account holders. It can be used to make debit purchases anywhere Visa is accepted and to withdraw cash at ATMs worldwide.

  • Pledged asset account
    • A pledged asset account broker-dealer (PAABD), also known as a collateral account, is an account in which your client enters into an agreement with Schwab Bank to pledge their Schwab brokerage account assets as collateral for a line of credit.

  • Paperless document delivery
    • Paperless documents offer electronic document delivery via email instead of by mail.