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Schwab Tax Form Availability

Schedule for Receiving Tax Forms

Schwab uses a phased approach to get forms out quickly and minimize corrections. The first phase of 1099 Composites are issued in early February 2024, and all 1099s are issued by February 16, 2024. If your portfolio includes certain types of securities that tend to reallocate or reclassify distributions (for example, mutual funds and real estate investment trust [REITs]), it’s likely your form may be issued in mid-February to avoid a correction.

All the forms in the following charts are official tax documents that contain information that Schwab is required to report to you and to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). You’ll only receive the forms that apply to your particular financial situation, and we suggest that you consult with a tax advisor about using the forms to prepare your tax return.

1099 Composite Availability

Additional Tax Form Availability